Youth Initiative

 "A grandmother who has custody of her two grandchildren told us `Christmas Unlimited has changed their lives...they can't wait to go there and they want to stay after their Teen Court sentences are over.` I can't think of a stronger recommendation of your program's effectiveness."

                                                                  Debbie English, Executive Director - Teen Court


"Unfortunately, there are not many organizations that are willing to step in and build life changing relationships the way Christmas Unlimited does. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us and the children who have passed through our lives."

                                                                  Paul & Sandie Meyers, Foster Parents


"Once again I just want to thank you for being a solid partner with us over the years and for impacting so many teenagers that have been abused and neglected, and showing them people do care."

                                                                  Felice Liquori, Executive Director - Rocky Mountains Kids


Throughout the year Christmas Unlimited is proactive in providing volunteer opportunities for teens living in group homes, a foster home, and those with special needs. Christmas Unlimited is known to be a safe haven, providing a supportive environment for youth.

Last year Christmas Unlimited had over 250 volunteers, 60% of them 18 years old and younger. They contributed over 14,000 hours of time and talent. These numbers do not include the many businesses and organizations that help us with school supply and toy drives.