Our Volunteers


Office Management
Roberta DeWitt (since 1999) • Kelly McIlwee (since 2012)

Inventory Processing Team
Mary Munoz (since 1992) • Carol Pertl (since 1990)
Al Teft (since 1995) • Bill & Jean Bowen (since 2005)

Operation Back To School Management Team
Roberta DeWitt (since 1999) • Adrian Sintas (since 2013)

Technology Team
Bill Machacek (since 1994) • Jeff DeWitt (since 2002)
Qi Dao Li (since 2004) • Linden Price (since 2006)

Toy & School Supply Drive Team
Richard Howell (since 2005)

Volunteer Coordinator
Roberta DeWitt (since 1999)

Inventory Transport Team
Chuck Miller (since 1992) • June Cornish (since 2000) 
Richard Howell (since 2005) • Bill & Jean Bowen (since 2005) • Lon & Emma Horne (since 2011)
John Juzuciak (since 2012) • Jim McMaster (since 2012)

Warehouse Management Team
Tim Peed (since 1997) • Joe Heer (since 2010)

Keith Ness (since 2005) Joe Heer (since 2010)
Kelly McIlwee (since 2012) Adrian Sintas (since 2013)
Meghan Connolly (since 2003) Bill & Beth Connolly (since )


Christmas Unlimited has over 250 volunteers who contribute over 14,000 hours annually. Many church youth leaders, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and groups serving youth have discovered the value of having their charges volunteer with Christmas Unlimited. Several of the organization’s regular adult volunteers are retired teachers and youth coaches who enjoy working with young people. The nature of the work lends itself to family volunteer opportunities. There are numerous mother-daughter, father-son and entire families who have made Christmas Unlimited their holiday tradition.

Christmas Unlimited works closely with two group homes and a foster care home. These teens are regular year round volunteers helping with special projects and daily activities.